Geo-Link, Inc. provides a wide range of geological and mud logging services designed to ensure quality field-data acquisition and easy access to data by personnel in remote locations. Geo-Link equips all logging units with state-of-the-art computerized logging systems that allow communication capability and provide the ability to monitor drilling operations from remote locations. All data generated by Geo-Link loggers are available in both printed and digital form. Morning reports and mud logs are sent out on a daily basis via email. In addition to the wide array of manned geological and logging services provided by Geo-Link, fully automated logging systems with an on-call logger are available. Please see the list below for a full explanation of available services.

One-Man and Two-Man Mud Logging

Geo-Link provides both one-man and two-man mud logging services. Our One-Man Mud Logging service consists of a Geo-Link logger living on location with complete instrumentation and mud logging services. Drilling personnel are responsible for sample collection. Our Two-Man Mud Logging service provides 24-hour mud logging services consisting of a two-man Geo-Link mud logging team living on location with complete instrumentation. Geosteering services are available as requested (see below).

Two-Man Geosteering & Mud Logging

This service consists of a two-man Geo-Link team living on location with complete instrumentation and 24-hour geosteering/mud logging services. This service is ideal for horizontal wells.

Two-Man Mud Logging with Geosteerer

This is a 3-man service consisting of two mud loggers and a geosteerer living on location with complete instrumentation and 24-hour mud logging services. This service is ideal when a dedicated geosteerer is needed on location and/or when an enhanced sampling program is required.

Well Site Geology

This service includes geological supervision by a degreed geologist living on location consisting of information on core and test reports, initial interpretations of wire-line logs, and a comprehensive final report with complete instrumentation.

Well Site Geology with Logging Unit and One Logger

This service provides the geological services described above with complete instrumentation on a two-man, 24-hour basis.

Automated One-Man Mud Logging

This service provides a Portable Automated M-Logger housed in a small trailer. Drilling personnel are responsible for sample collection. A Geo-Link logger visits the rig on a regularly scheduled basis and is on call in case of problem.

Two Sample Catchers

This service consists of two sample catchers living on location 24 hours a day. In addition to catching sample cuttings, the catchers will monitor equipment in case of any problems and gather data for retrieval by an on call Geo-Link logger who visits the rig on a regularly scheduled basis.

Mineralogical/Geochemical Services

Partnering with AIM GeoAnalytics in Missoula, Montana, Geo-Link can provide laboratory XRD/XRF analyses to determine elemental and mineralogical characteristics of cuttings samples collected by our loggers at the well site.