At Geo-Link, we only use the best instrumentation to ensure that the quality of our work is the highest possible. Here is an overview of what we use to meet your geological consulting needs. 

Terra SLS Blue, Red, and Green Boxes

MLoggers are the integral hardware component of Geo-Link’s gas detection and mud logging services. MLoggers actively communicate via WITS with the EDR systems on the rig and relay gas detection data to the rig and are compatible with all systems. Blue boxes read total gas (TG) only. Red boxes read TG and chromatography. Green boxes read TG, chromatography, CO2, H2S and O2. MLogger instruments combine proven catalytic combustion and thermal conductivity gas detection technology with specialized computing hardware and software to provide a true digital mud logging instrument. Each MLogger also contains an advanced router running the latest Linux operating system, making remote mud logging as simple as plug and play. The MLogger is controlled and operated through our windows software called MControl. It is a .NET application that allows effortless control of any MLogger, whether sitting in your trailer at the rig or at a location 1200 miles away. Combining MControl with our Extranet enables our clients to login to and get real time data.

Terra SLS Portable FID Gas Chromatograph (GC) and Portable FID Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer (THA)

Terra SLS’s FID-GC and FID-THA are the only portable FID gas detection instruments available for mud logging applications and can be rigged up quickly in any well site workspace. The FID-GC uses a flame ionization detector and a backflush system for analysis of C1 to C5 (methane, ethane, propane, iso-butane, n-butane, iso-pentane and n-pentane) in 60 seconds without sacrificing C1 to C2 separation.  The FID-THA combines the functionality of a total hydrocarbon analyzer (THA) and a cuttings gas analyzer.  It has a wide linear range of 0.001% to 100% methane.  Both the FID-GC and the FID-THA are fully WITS compatible, have flame-out detection, a hydrogen shutoff safety valve, and export CSV, TXT and LAS files.

Future Geological Technologies Direct Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

■ Detects 2-150 AMU (C1–C10) organic species and inorganic compounds ■ Generates a complete mass spectrum at each depth for chemical fingerprinting ■ LAN satellite and Internet enabled  ■ Online client viewer and data hosting ■ Easily field-deployable on all rigs ■ Compatible with oil-base and water-base mud systems ■ No field calibration needed ■ Daily reports, end-of-well analysis and final report available upon request.